New delegate access will need to be created through CalCentral in order to view and pay Fall 2016 charges. Students can set up delegate access here. Please see Delegate Access and Billing for additional information.

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LOG-IN to e-Bill/e-Check

LOG-IN to One Time Payment Gateway

Welcome to CARS e-Bill/e-Check. From here you'll be able to see CARS e-Bill statements or submit an online payment to a student's CARS account.

First Time User:

If this is your first time using the system, please review the following information. It will give you tips on how the system works. For screen shots and step-by-step instructions, see the Billing and Payment Services' web site at

About the e-Bill/e-Check Site:

CARS billing statements are generated monthly as long as there is an outstanding account balance or activity occurred during the billing period. UC Berkeley has partnered with Higher One, a leader in the student financial services industry, to utilize their online Net.Pay system for electronic bill presentment and payment. You can be assured that information is transmitted and stored in a manner that meets the highest standards for encryption and data management security.

Setting up Access:

In order for a Parent or "Other Payer" to view a student's CARS e-Bill, the student must grant you access by initiating an invitation to you from their e-Bill profile. Ask the student to login to Bear Facts for Students. After selecting CARS, Monthly E-Bill, LOG-IN to e-Bill/e-Check, the student should click on the 'I Agree' button to log into Higher One. On the Higher One site, the student should select the 'My Profile' tab, click 'Invite Other Payer', supply the required information, and click the 'Invite' button. This will generate an invitation to you via email. The email will provide you with an e-Bill Activation Code. You will also need the UCB Student ID Number (8-digit number).

With this information - and basic personal information, such as your phone number and email address - you will be able to create your personalized e-Bill User Name and Password.

You will need to go through the set-up process only once. For future logins, you will be connected directly to the Statement Summary screen.

If you misplace your Activation ID, the student can provide it to you. It is displayed on their e-Bill 'My Profile' screen.

Seeing Recent Activity:

CARS e-Bills are generated monthly as long as the account has an outstanding balance or transaction activity occurred during the billing period. Other Payers cannot see activity that occurs between billing statements. However, on the Student menu of BearFacts, the following CARS information is updated nightly:

To see this updated information:

Making Payments:

For a list of all methods for submitting payments to CARS, see 'Payment Options' at

Credit cards are not accepted.

Online payments are processed as a Web ACH debit from a designated checking or savings account. Checks drawn on investment accounts, equity lines, credit card accounts and some credit unions are not eligible. Please confirm the correct configuration for the routing number and bank account number with your financial institution.

The banking account information for ACH may differ from that printed on the bottom of a paper check.

Call your bank or look up your routing number at:
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
US Bank
Other banks: Try a web search or try Bank Routing Numbers
Staff at UC Berkeley do not have access to your personal banking information.

There are two ways to pay CARS online:

  1. e-Check allows Parents and Other Payers who have activated an e-Bill profile to submit an online payment. Select [Pay Now] from the e-Bill Statement Summary screen. This will take you to the e-Check payment screen. Enter the dollar amount you wish to pay, select the bank account option, and click the submit button.
  2. The One Time Payment Gateway does not require any pre-authorized access or profile set up. The payment information you enter is used only for that one transaction. You simply need to know the Student ID Number, Student Last Name, and Amount to Pay. You will be prompted to enter your name, contact information and banking information each time you use the gateway.
To help defray processing costs, a $0.50 convenience fee will be charged with each payment submitted. While this is little more than the cost of a postage stamp, it is far more secure, timely and convenient than mailing a paper check.